Heavy Metal Legend Launches A New Airline in Africa
11 February, 2011 - Moscow, Russia - British heavy-meta band Iron Maiden performing live at Olimpiнылн stadium.

Air Djibouti, the eponymous national airline of East Africa’s smallest country, went bankrupt in 2002 after years of mismanagement. In August, the resurgent carrier completed its first flight in 13 years when it flew a small cargo load into Somalia. The airline re-launched after signing a management deal with British-based Cardiff Aviation – which is wholly owned by Bruce Dickinson, the former lead singer and frontman for the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Dickinson, best known for such classic songs as “Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter” and “The Number Of The Beast”, is bullish on Djibouti’s future as an African logistics hub. Earlier this year he stated that “Djibouti is uniquely placed to provide a hub for investment from Europe, the Middle East and Asia into Africa” and that the country is “one of the most exciting aviation markets in the world”. Djibouti has become the location of choice for foreign military bases due to its strategic location near the Suez Canal and its close proximity to the Arabian Peninsula. Air Djibouti will take delivery of five new aircraft later this year, increasing its fleet to a grand total of six. Flights to Paris, London, Dubai and Mumbai are scheduled from November 2015.

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