Where Are They Now? Rwanda and Cambodia
Angkor Wat sunrise at Siem Reap. Cambodia

This past April, Rwanda and Cambodia are both recognizing poignant anniversaries.  Cambodia is marking 40 years since the Khmer Rouge seized its capital, Phnom Penh. Rwanda is recognizing the 21st anniversary since its bloody spring, which brought the massacre of over 800,000 people.

Thankfully both countries are in better shape today. Cambodia is making news for taking in refugees from Australia, well one refugee from Australia.…or possibly five? Cambodia’s government is receiving a $40 million gift from Australia’s government to host Australia’s refugees. Each refugee that agrees to move to Cambodia receives US$7800 from the Australian government, which buys more than a few ‘Happy’ marijuana-laced pizzas. Phnom Penh’s formerly epic rock & roll scene is also seeing a revival.

Over in Rwanda the International Criminal Tribunal is holding its final hearings into the 1994 genocide. The IMF has forecast increasing growth (revised upward to 6.5%) and subdued inflation for the country’s economy, while its stock market just scored a major victory with a dual listing of Kenya’s Equity Bank, the largest commercial bank in Africa.

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