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Ebola virus seen under a microscope with epidemic sign

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Bitcoin. That crypto-currency so often in the news yet so complicated to understand.

Frontera introduces you to two Ghana-based entrepreneurs, Falk Benke and Nikunj Handa who created and BeamRemit that are helping the fight against Ebola.

In the midst of their efforts through BeamRemit to help Ghanains and others around the world conduct international money transfers quicker – and at cheaper rates than through banks, they discovered that charities in Sierra Leone are losing up to 12 percent of donations due to wire transfer fees, and the money being transferred would take days to arrive.

With the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa, every dollar that arrives is crucial, and the speed with which it arrives can transfer into lives saved.

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Learn more about this nascent digital currency and how African tech entrepreneurs like Falk and Nikunj are responding to the ongoing Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

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