The Most Undervalued Emerging Markets From Angola to Russia
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It’s hard to find less loved markets.

Despite recent recoveries from historic low points, Russia remains deep in recession with little clarity of direction for hauling the country out of its military showdown with Western powers.

The Brazilian Senate’s impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff over allegations of distorting public accounts had sent the country’s financial markets whipsawing.

Yet these two markets are set to lead the pack as emerging markets continue their recovery, James Bennett, the Chief Executive Officer of Aston Currency Management in London, says on this week’s Emerging Opportunities Podcast.

Russia is being progressive in the way it’s managing its economy and that should help inflate the value of the ruble, says Bennett.

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Brazil – for the first time – is tackling the old boys network (President Dilma Rousseff included) that enabled the wide-scale of corruption of state assets.

Rather than fixating on these local risks, emerging market investors should be out in the field, evaluating opportunities, says Bennett.

But it’s not just the well-known names with rallies awaiting. There are plenty less-trodden paths within developing countries offering value to investors, says Joe Delvaux, a portfolio manager at Duet Asset Management.

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