How Oberitas Helps Businesses Get a Solid Footing in Emerging and Frontier Markets 2
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We recently had the pleasure to speak with Oliver Harris on our podcast.  Oliver is the founder and CEO of Oberitas 
Oliver Harris, Founder & CEO of Oberitas
Oliver Harris, Founder & CEO of Oberitas

Early in his career, twenty-something years ago, he was an emerging and frontiers markets pioneer as he started building his experience in developing business in the Information & Telecoms Sector (ICT) in some of the world’s most exotic markets. 

In the 1990’s he had already cemented his network in places that most people wouldn’t even consider as business destinations. This allowed him to develop his key strength of being able to quickly navigate complex foreign landscapes, identify and engage with key decision makers and successfully execute business development plans.

Later on, Oliver founded Oberitas with a mission to accelerate world-changing initiatives throughout the developing world that are necessary to address the profound challenges of the 21st century. More concretely, Oberitas helps organisations fast-track their entry into emerging markets.

We had a very insightful discussion with Oliver about what it takes to overcome the challenges and harness the opportunities in emerging and frontier markets. He is a fascinating individual with an enormous amount of experience to share and this clearly shines through in our podcast below:

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Oberitas also has an amazing website, click on the image below to check it out

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