A Tale of Two Cities in Honduras
a Market in the city of Tela near San Pedro Sula on the caribian sea in Honduras in Central America,

Many Americans know Honduras through the cruise ship port of call at Roatan, home to some of Central America’s best scuba diving. But the situation further inland is far less idyllic. Tegucigalpa, the nation’s capital, is plagued with gangs and drug-related violence.   San Pedro Sula, the country’s second-largest city, has the world’s highest per-capita murder rate and is regularly featured in US State Department travel warnings.

Not everyone is staying away. San Pedro Sula is also home to 45,000 bilingual English speakers, and Alorica, a US business process outsourcing (BPO) company, is expanding its operations there. American seafood company Tunamar recently signed a deal with 40 Honduran fish stock producers to import fresh Tilapia.

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