Meet The South American entrepreneur Who Brought Bitcoin To Silicon Valley

Interested in bitcoin, but don’t know where to start? Frontera recently spoke with Wences Casares, a serial entrepreneur from Argentina whose companies have collectively been sold for over a billion dollars.

His successful financial technology ventures include Argentina’s first ISP, an online brokerage, and a Brazilian retail bank, among others.

Over the past few years, Wences Casares has become one of Bitcoin’s strongest advocates. He is now the founder & CEO of Xapo, which claims to be the world’s largest custodian of bitcoins today. In this interview, he states that he intends to dedicate the rest of his professional career to helping bitcoin solve real problems for people across the world.

In this Frontera podcast, Wences offers a candid glimpse of his experience as an entrepreneur in Latin America, his outlook on the crypto-currency industry, and why he believes bitcoin is likely to do for money what the Internet has done for information.


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Podcast Index:

1:44 When you attempted to bring Bitcoin to Silicon Valley in 2011 it was not taken seriously. What happened in 2013 that changed the opinions of investors?

 4:01 Why should I start paying closer attention to bitcoin now? Could bitcoin be an even more important invention than the internet?

 9:38 What are the biggest fears that keep people from getting involved in bitcoin? How does Xapo attempt to solve these issues?

 12:13 What is the most bitcoin-friendly country in the world right now?

 13:50 Can bitcoin become a full-fledged parallel economy? How rapidly could this happen?

 14:49 You have launched highly successful businesses in various countries around the world. Which country was the most difficult to do business within?

 16:33 What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to do business in Latin America?

 19:30 What is the state of the technology start-up ecosystem in Latin American countries?

 ***** NY Times article about bitcoin in Argentina mentioned in podcast

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