The Americas’ Summit of Distractions in Panama
Vivid sunset over the Andes Mountains and Atacama Desert, Chile.

The 7th Summit of the Americas is kicking off on 10 April in Panama City and it promises plenty of theatrics. Several weeks ago, President Obama declared Venezuela ‘an extraordinary national security threat’ to the United States and imposed sanctions on seven high-ranking members of President Maduro’s regime. Reactions in Caracas were swift and negative, and have even managed to unite the fractious Venezuelan political opposition. Millions of Venezuelans have signed a petition opposing the ‘imperialist’ American sanctions and President Maduro plans to personally deliver them to President Obama, threatening to eclipse what was supposed to be the biggest news out of the summit; Raul Castro’s attendance, which will be the first time that a Cuban head of state has attended the summit. In related news, perceptions of American imperialism are having an impact – Maduro recently addressed a rally in English.

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