New Ideas For Funding Emerging & Frontier Market Startups

It’s a widely-held belief that one of the global economy’s strongest growth drivers will be the thousands of startups that are now coming on line in the developing, or emerging and frontier, economies.

We are constantly impressed at the intense creativity that is being applied by entrepreneurs who are using their local knowledge to solve everyday problems that affect millions of people.

But the unfortunate reality is that many of these promising projects struggle to find the capital required to survive — let alone achieve scale.  Increasingly though, more creative solutions are being brought on-line to provide these startups with the financial resources they need.

To that end, this week we spoke with the founders of two such companies.  Each are successful entrepreneurs in their own right.We spoke to SeedStars and Fundz who have each come up with new ways to connect these ideas with capital:

David Mark, Founder & CEO of Fundz
David Mark is the CEO and Founder of Fundz.  He is based in Israel and helps African entrepreneurs find and access the funding they need to build viable companies.
Charlie Graham Brown, CFO of SeedStars
Charlie Graham-Brown is the CFO of SeedStarsWorld, a global network that helps entrepreneurs connect with investors through a series of competitions. SeedStars also has a business-building division that helps entrepreneurs navigate the earliest and most difficult phases of growing a company.

Tune into the Frontera podcast this week as we learn more about how these businesses are helping other early-stage companies make the connections that they need to survive in an increasingly competitive world.

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Podcast Index

02:55 – David Mark discusses how Fundz helps entrepreneurs prepare to attract investment capital.

06:00  – Charlie Graham-Brown reveals how the SeedStars’ competition-based model works.

10:20  – How to find and identify the right entrepreneurs.

13:15  – The opportunity posed by startups that are too small to attract interest from ‘traditional’ private equity investors.

17:30  – How SeedStars’ competitions and events have built a global network.

19:00  – Why philanthropic and impact investors aren’t as active as they claim to be.

23:50  – The types of businesses SeedStars and Fundz focus on.

28:45  – Why emerging and frontier markets are destined to take the global lead when it comes to innovation.

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