While the internet has long been defined by developed markets, emerging markets are bringing millions of new users to the online world. According to Google, between 2012 and 2015, 500 million new internet users came from emerging markets. This represents a massive opportunity for online businesses, whose revenues may have begun to saturate in their own markets. Successful businesses are already targeting these diverse areas in an effort to expand, and others are looking to get in on the act as well. The question is, what is the best way for companies to tap into these lucrative markets and capitalise on their growth?

Two of the biggest emerging markets at the moment are India and China, and these are prime example of where businesses need to target to attract more customers. China’s online retail market, for instance, is second only to the United States and expected to get even larger in the coming years. The biggest question on the minds of executives of companies in developing countries is how to get ahead of competitors in emerging markets.

One way to help get a business recognised by more people within emerging markets is through search engine optimisation. Most people are aware of SEO and know that it is a way of helping sites attract relevant traffic. This is because search engines have a vested interest in making sure they provide the highest quality content for every query. According to Growthsupermarket.com, “companies and sites who successfully execute SEO strategies generate a large proportion of their traffic from organic visitors.” This means that the clicks are entirely free and don’t come from paid advertising. This is obviously a huge advantage in cutting costs within the business and can be a valuable asset when done correctly.

So how can businesses put SEO to good use within emerging markets? One of the best ways would be to go to an SEO company and tell them that you want to target these markets. From there, these services will look to place content on websites within the emerging markets and generate traffic to back to your own site. It would also help to have some content on your own site which is relevant to people from these emerging markets.

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Another good way for businesses to tap into emerging markets is to make their services easily accessible. One method of doing this would be through the use of cryptocurrencies, as, with these, there is no need to deal with varying exchange rates between different countries. Some are predicting that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will be the future of internet purchases, and this is why they are frequently being used in emerging markets.

Because emerging markets are expanding at a faster rate than already developed markets, it is imperative for businesses to try to tap into them and attract users from these places. SEO could be the key to success in this regard, as it will help direct traffic from the emerging markets to your site.

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