The Most Popular Stock Held By Emerging Market Fund Managers 1

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSM) is number 1 on our list of the most popular stocks that emerging market funds (EEM) (VWO) are invested in. The company was among the top 10 holdings of 9 of the 10 funds that were part of our analysis. These are:

Among institutional investors, these are the funds that are invested into the TSM ADR currently:

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Up 38.3% over a year

TSM is the world’s largest independent semiconductor pure play foundry based in Taiwan. The company is principally engaged in the manufacture and sales of integrated circuits and semiconductors.

Trading under the ADR ticker TSM on the NYSE, the company has the market capitalization of about $152 billion. The company reported a net profit margin of 37.17% in the third quarter of 2016, up from the 36.34% reported in 2015. On January 12, 2017, the company reported its EPS as $0.61 against analyst projections of $0.59. The company generates a 17.8% Return on Assets (ROA) and a 24.6% Return on Equity (ROE).

Trading at $30.9 a share currently, the stock is already up 7.51% for the year. It has gained 38.3% over the past 1 year.

Analyst recommendations: HOLD

The stock currently has 85.7% HOLD recommendations from analysts, against a 14.3% BUY recommendations. Consensus 12-month target price for the stock stands at $30.85. The stock is currently trading at $31.9.

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