Two injured in eastern Ukraine when bowler throws grenade instead of ball
Next clashes between riot police and protesters during the attempting to block Parliament of Ukraine (Verhovna Rada), February 18. On that day police was very cruel and pushed protesters back to Maydan. A lot of suffers and approximately ten dead. Protesters again began to build barricades and to burn car tires. The police burned Trade Unions Federation of Ukraine where burned alive those who was in the building. This confrontation lasted for two days. Kiev, Feb. 20, 2014

The separatist region of Luhansk, in eastern Ukraine, has recently seen a wave of accidents as many inexperienced and untrained rebel fighters have gained access to military-grade weapons and explosives.  One such example recently occurred at a restaurant that offers ‘duckpin bowling’, which uses a ball without holes on a relatively short lane.  On March 13, a customer chose to throw a grenade, rather than a ball, down the lane.  A man and a woman were hospitalized as a result of what was undoubtedly a ’strike’.

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