Why Dictators Don’t Like Droughts 2
African landscape with red mountains, Damaraland, Namibia

Throughout history, dictators and tyrants continue to learn one fact the hard way: their subjects will tolerate garish palaces and the occasional human rights violation – but all bets are off if they can’t afford to feed their families. In Africa, food security is once again making headlines. The continent has always suffered from inefficient agriculture practices, and spends over $50 billion on food imports every year. In the absence of radical improvements, and projected population growth of over 200 million people by 2030, regional heads of state have every reason to worry.

A regional drought has devastated food production in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where bread prices have risen 80 percent in the past three years. Both countries are now importing from…Zambia?  Lusaka is gearing up to sell as much as 1.1 million metric tons of corn to the Rainbow Nation in response to the crisis.

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