Yemen is a (Even More of a) Mess
A group of unidentified women cross the main square of the city on May 4, 2008 in Sanaa, Yemen. Among other arabic countries, in 2012 Yemen became a site of civil conflicts.

Over in Yemen, a group of Iranian-backed rebels have overthrown the government. In response, Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition involving its traditional GCC partners (Qatar included), Egypt, and oddly enough – Turkey, backed by the United States. Saudi Arabia says that it will commit up to 150,000 troops for a possible ground invasion of the country.  The country’s central government, which has never been strong to begin with, has been less effective since the Saleh family fell from power. The country is also facing severe systemic issues – its addiction to the water-intensive narcotic khat has been causing water shortages in the capital city, Sanaa.

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