The Four Most Attractive Countries for Impact Investors 5
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Where to begin with changing the world?

That was the question put at a meeting of impact investors – money managers who endeavor to make a profit and, at the same time, a positive impact on society and the environment.

Here are the top picks from Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, a pioneer of micro-financing, who founded Bamboo Finance, one of the world’s three largest impact investors, with $290 million under management.


Beautiful breathtaking aerial view of Guatape in Antioquia, Colombia

“In Latin America, our top pick is Colombia. This is a sizeable country with a major talent pool, solid growth, rule of law, ease of doing business – so by far, it’s Colombia.”

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Investments include:
MovilRed, with more than 85,000 agents, has enabled millions of Colombians to access financial services for the first time

Population: 46 million

GDP per capita: $11,100


Abstract vector color map of Nigeria country colored by national flag

“In Africa, it’s Nigeria. Regarding the population, it’s not only the size but the fact that 50% of the population is less than 18 years old – so we’re talking about the growth in the entrepreneurship coming through in the coming decades, and business opportunities.”

Investments include:
Accion Microfinance Bank, which seeks to empower micro-entrepreneurs and low-income earners with financial services in a sustainable, ethical and profitable manner. Some 59% of AMFB’s clients are women.

Population: 177 million

GDP per capita: $2,800


Vector map of Vietnam country colored by national flag

Investments include:
Joma Bakery Café operates six cafés and three bakeries, supporting the empowerment of disadvantaged groups.

Population: 93 million

GDP per capita: $4,000


high rise condominiums and office blocks in rockwell part of crowded makati city in manila the philippines

Investments include:

Bridge Philippines Investments, focused on building a network of rural and thrift banks to serve low-income populations, micro and small businesses.

Population: 108 million

GDP per capita: $4,700

“Vietnam and the Philippines are coming also from difficult times, but literally booming today, sizeable populations, and lots of entrepreneurship.”

The conference in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, features in a special edition of the Emerging Opportunities show. De Schrevel is joined by the Global Impact Investing Network’s co-founder Amit Bouri, Bloomberg’s New York bureau chief Jason Kelly and Frontera News managing editor Gavin Serkin. Listen Here:


* Data on population and GDP from Indexmundi

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