What Next Brazil? Why JPMorgan Is Optimistic

The New Yorker called her the Richard Nixon of Brazil.

It looks like there’s no saving Dilma Rousseff from the scandal engulfing her presidency.

Last week the biggest coalition partner abandoned her government as the opposition seized on a police telephone wire of Rousseff appearing to make a deal with her predecessor and mentor, ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to appoint him as a minister “if necessary” amid possible corruption charges.

Increasingly isolated, Rousseff could be ousted as soon as this month.

Corruption is only the start of Brazil’s problems. Even with a new government, this is an economy deep in recession as a result of the commodities slump.

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Yet it seems nothing can stop the newfound exuberance of investors for emerging markets – and particularly Brazil.

On the Emerging Opportunities show this week, Frontera’s Managing Editor Gavin Serkin talks with Zsolt Papp, JPMorgan’s global head of emerging market debt client portfolio strategies, about why he’s “modestly overweight” in his allocation to Brazil’s government and corporate bonds.

Also on the show: Why Cuba faces bigger hurdles than overcoming US sanctions to lure foreign investors.

We hear from a father-and-daughter investment team, David and Arésé Pollard, on their top tips for investing in the Caribbean.

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