Podcast: Opportunities For Geothermal In Latin America

Alan Beard, Managing Director, Interlink Capital Strategies
Mr. Beard has over 20 years of international finance and business development experience. Previously, he was the COO of Delphos International, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that arranged several billion dollars in government grants, equity, guarantees and loans for more than 700 companies.

Joseph Szamosfalvi, Managing Director, Interlink Capital Strategies
Mr. Szamosfalvi is specialized in emerging market project and structured finance underwriting and risk mitigation with a focus on infrastructure, financial and energy sector projects. He has provided fair market value analysis and led or advised on mergers and acquisition projects in the manufacturing, and biofuels industries in the US and abroad (Japan, Malaysia, among others).

Kerry McCallum, Chief Operations Officer, Dewhurst Group
Mr. McCallum is specialized in geothermal exploration and development services. He has a broad background in engineering operations with experience in geothermal development and exploration projects in Mexico, Colombia, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada.

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