Krzana Powers Real Time Information for the Frontera Investor Group (FIG)

Krzana empowers investors in the race for business-critical information using NLP


Krzana, the latest tool to find breaking news, has combined with Frontera, a leading provider of business news and analysis in emerging markets, to bring their innovative information and alerts platform to the market.

Using the most sophisticated of smart tech, Krzana enables members of the Frontera Investor Group, or FIG, to create focussed watch-lists that trawl through everything from Twitter to YouTube as well as specialist sources, such as Platts, Seeking Alpha and TechCrunch.

“We’re like a giant digital metal detector,” says Geof Todd, one of the company’s six executives. “In the haystack of global information, we empower our users to find that needle before anyone else.”

With infinite applications for these tools – from commuter alerts to disaster relief – Krzana’s biggest take-up has been in the financial world. Krzana Finance is rapidly being adopted by a wide range of analysts.

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“We are delighted to have signed this agreement with the Frontera Investor Group to supply real time information to over 20,000 finance professionals around the globe.” Sandip Sarda – CEO

The genius behind Krzana is the ability to create smart channels that use a powerful range of filters to uncover valuable data. These filters are applied and perfected easily by the user to directly harness their expertise. They then become deployed as focused ‘Watchlists’ – running in real time, with alerts to your mobile or desk top.

“Krzana’s Watchlists are like having a full team on your side to maintain watch for what is important to you,” said Founder Quin Murray. “And they’re working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

From news on the latest oil discoveries in Surrey, England, to disruptions in energy facilities and Ministerial changes in Nigeria, Krzana enables investors, journalists and other users to find business critical information that keeps them ahead of the rest.

“Many of the members in Frontera’s premium investor group, or FIG, are active traders in the financial markets and are eager to find new tools that can improve their access to real-time information,” says Kevin Virgil, Chief Executive Officer of Frontera. “We are pleased to provide our members with the innovative Krzana Finance tool as one of our many additional services.”

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Contact: Geof Todd Mobile: +44 7975 995250

KRZANA is a Sanskrit word meaning “Pulse” or “Contains Pearls”
K+FIG v1.0 13th April 2016

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