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Singapore (1 December 2015) – Frontera, an online research marketplace and private investment platform specializing in emerging markets, has officially closed a successful seed-funding round.

The company, launched in August 2015, provides access to research as well as investment opportunities in markets across Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America.

Frontera currently has more than 15,000 subscribers, and over 400 accredited investors registered. Hundreds of investment professionals servicing clients across the world currently use Frontera for their research and analysis needs.

The founding team brings decades of experience in emerging markets business intelligence, investment management, and venture capital.

The $500,000 seed round will be used to further develop their products and services for retail and institutional investors using its platform — and grow its development team to build out core functionality.

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Kevin Virgil, Frontera’s CEO and co-founder explained, “Frontera Syndicates, our private investment platform, will be fully developed to deliver professionally structured equity, property, and credit opportunities to investors around the world.”

“Simultaneously, Research and Intelligence Marketplace (RIM) will soon provide a database of top quality research and reporting from some of the world’s leading political and investment risk companies,” added Tyler Cicirello, Frontera’s co-founder.

Frontera Syndicates takes a very unique approach to capital raising with ‘lead investors’ negotiating and structuring deals that are then opened up to Frontera’s pool of accredited investors.

Whereas, RIM addresses a serious ‘pain point’ for multi-national companies and investment firms which is gaining access to data and research on the world’s less transparent markets.

“Before Frontera, access to databases of research and/or institutional quality deal flow in emerging markets was sparsely available, let alone at a single point of entry. RIM And Syndicates provide these services to our global audience at scale,” explained Virgil.

The company says other plans for the new investment including launching a crowd-sourced content service that publishes actionable insights and analysis from respected political, business and financial leaders — further solidifying Frontera’s reputation as the leading platform for emerging markets research and investing.

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About Frontera
Frontera is the leading online research marketplace and private investment platform for emerging markets. By providing information on macro business trends, equities, and political risk alongside a full service investment platform, Frontera provides the world’s first accessible, effective, and efficient means of investing in emerging markets.


Company Contact:

Tyler Cicirello

Chief Operating Officer, Frontera

M: +1 202 830 1084

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